Stellar Skies trip report – April 11, 2018

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After a long absence I finally made it back to Stellar Skies. This time I brought along my friends, David and Matt. While David and I drove from Austin, Matt flew he and his dog Jet.

First, a much needed refueling stop at Cooper’s. IMG_0321



Then a quick stop to LLano airport- waiting for Matt and Jet to land20180410-SS_GST2850


…and parked20180410-SS_GST2883

And then we all continue on to Stellar Skies on a beautiful 80F sunny day.

I am happy to report, the observatory was in a good shape. In fact, after a short vacuuming session, there was not much to do but wait for night fall.

In meantime, we’ll drone. DJI_0096

Hello Stellar Skies… looking goodDJI_0071

Airing out the observatory 🙂DJI_0106

Here’s a video compilation of all the fly-overs (press HD and full screen for a better experience)


Later in the evening we dropped by Charlie’s who let us visit his legendary scope.20180410-SS_GST2910

And then we waited more for the night to come….20180410-SS_GST2925

Well, guess who showed up? Jarret!!! See his truck?20180410-SS_GST2936

Jarret and Charlie took my friends for a tour.20180410-SS_GST2915

Then Jarret graciously offered a viewing session. So we got to work.

The sunset was spectacularDJI_0117

Jarret’s scoped was ready to reveal the skies.20180410-SS_GST3050


David reveling in awe.20180410-SS_GST3061I’m happy to say, David is now a convert and hopefully will be joining Stellar Skies as a new member soon!

Jarret and his scope20180410-SS_GST3064

As for my observatory. I polar aligned the scope and ran a new 600 point model.

I was ready for some action.20180410-SS_GST2938

A few frames later, and M101 was ready to be shown in all its glory.M101aClear skies everyone. 🙂

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