DYI: Notifications from SGPro to your iphone

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SGPro added notifications through email. This is a quick way to get notifications in Prowl (and Growl) on your iphone.


First you need to purchase Prowl form the iTunes store here. Or through your iPhone’s store

You also have to have a mail account. I created a mailgun account so I do not clutter my main mailbox.

To create a mailgun account, and get the settings go to Sign up for a free account. Then form the mail panel:


You will be given API Keys and the default account. You will need to create a new account.

click on activate:


click Manage SMTP credentials


and create a new account. I used and password. You will need this to configure the SGP mail settings

You next have to create a Prowl email account. So go to


Select API Keys and generate a new key. Name it SGPPro:


And generate:


Now you have an API Email for your app ( Now lets tailor it together.

Start SGPro and Select Tools/Configure Notifications/Settings


For address enter the prowl email you created above


and for you settings add the settings from your mailgun server.

Use for SMTP Server

Username and password are the ones you created  (


Press test and watch for the notification in your iPhone. Enjoy!!!! 😉